We primarily rent acoustic guitars to the general consumer in addition to a high-end selection of professional backline equipment used by local venues to fulfill rider specifications for touring artists. Call the store or email rentals@naplesparkmusic.rocks for details on the availability and pricing for the backline equipment. Delivery services can be arranged directly to the venue for backline rentals.

Copy of photo ID and rental agreement required.

Acoustic Guitar:

  • The Beach Beater: $25/day or $100/week
  • Martin Sigma (or equivalent): $35/day or $150/week
  • Martin X Series or Breadlove Concertina: $45/day or $225/week

Guitar amps:

  • Fender Twin Reverb (2x12)
  • Fender Hot Rod Deville (4x10)


  • 4-piece DW Performance Series (Ebony Stain)
  • Paiste 2002 cymbals (14" Hi-hat, 16" & 18" Thin Crash, 20" Ride)
  • Sabian Vault 19" Holy China
  • DW 9000 Double Bass Pedals
  • Additional assorted hardware (Gibraltar)